One of the most spectacular treks in the Park crossing a high pass into Spiti. Moderate to strenuous. Must be in good shape and have a local guide for crossing the Pass. Main attractions: Village house architecture; tree deities; old Forest Rest House at Pulga; panoramic views; alpine and sub-alpine pastures; huge glacial structures at Man-Talai onwards; about 7 to 8 kms. long stretch of snow fields on the Pass; changing vegetation and distinct bird, mammal, butterfly life.

Day 1: Shamshi (1100 m) to Barsheni (2150 m): by road
Trek from Barsheni to Khirganga (2960 m) Distance: 10 kms.
A busy trekking route. The sulfur springs at Khirganga are very famous in the area. A number of Sadhus (holy men, hermits) can be seen camping in the vicinity of the springs.

Day 2: Khirganga-Tunda Bhuj (3285 m) to Thakur Kuan: Trek is less disturbed, goes through conifer forests, open meadows and birch forests. The journey may be broken in two days, up to Tunda Bhuj (area with high altitude birch forests) in one day and then from there to Thakur Kuan, the next day. Distance: 19 kms

Day 3: Thakur Kuan to Pandupul (3700 m) to Mantalai (4200 m): This part of trek is above tree line in high altitude meadows full of medicinal herbs, alpine grasses, bees and butterflies during summer season. It should be done in two days: up to Pandupul in one day and next day to Mantalai. Distance: 20 kms.

Day 4:Mantalai to Pin Parvati Pass (5319 m) to base of the snow field in Pin Valley (4075 m): This is the most strenuous part of the Pin Parvati Pass trek. It involves a steep ascent from Mantalai to the Pass and then a descent into the Pin valley. About six to seven kms trek is on snow fields filled with potentially dangerous crevices. Weather may change any time at the Pass. Distance: 14 kms

Day 5: Rest day at the base of Pass in Pin Valley.

Day 6:Base of the snow field in Pin Valley to Tariya or near Mud: Trek through arid zone of the cold desert in Pin Valley. The arduous part of the trek is over, but watch out for crossing of streams on the way. This part of trek can be done in two days with a stopover in between. Distance: 11 kms.

Day 7:Tariya/Mud to Maling road head onwards by road to Kaza (3600 m): Mud is the first village to come by. The trekker may hire a pony or one of the famous Chamurti bred Tibetan horses to ride up to the roadhead. Distance: 15 kms.
Total Distance: 90 kms.
Note: A trained guide is required to cross the pass.

Sairopa , Near GHNP Headquarter (Banjar)
Distt.Kullu Himachal pradesh, India